The Importance of An End Table

One of the first steps in making a gathering or living space for yourself and your guests comfortable is placing enough functional furniture in the room. When prompted to think about one of the most functional pieces of furniture in your home, you’d probably picture your kitchen table or some type of cabinet at first. In reality, one of the most important and functional pieces of furniture you can have is an end table! End tables are small and commonly used beside the bed or the couch to provide space to set belongings down or place decor. 

Think about how much goes on and off your end table while spending time on your couch on any given day. It’s a space for decorative books, plants, candles, lamps, or the drink you’re holding! End tables are an essential part of your home and are oftentimes elements that are looked over in terms of importance. Half of the comfort of sitting on your couch is having a place to put down whatever you are holding. Without it, think about how much your remote would get stuck in the cushions! On the same note, there are some great end tables that add extra storage space. Cubbies for books, plants, or any other decorative item look great tucked away in a well-placed end table. 

Apart from functionality, end tables give your living room dimension. A great shaped, colored, and built end table will add a sort of comfort and aesthetic to your space, couch, and coffee table. Pick an end table with a unique texture, color, or shape to create a trendy, yet functional, addition to your living or bedroom. And while you’re at it, pick out your favorite books or candles to place on top for some added decoration! Nothing quite like a perfectly designed, aesthetically pleasing end table!

So, let’s take one last look at the list of reasons why end tables are such an important part of your living area:

  • Comfort! Set your coffee down, place the remote out of the way of the darn cushions, or add a functional lamp to your end table and make your space a million times more comfortable. 
  • Decoration. If you take a close look at any interior design blog or magazine, you’ll see how end tables give any living space an opportunity for added decor and aesthetics. Place a decorative candle, some books, or a plant on your end table, and you’re one step closer to having a living room like the cover of that magazine!
  • Functionality and storage. End tables are a great way to decrease clutter and better organize your belongings, all while creating a decorative space. 

Need some more pointers on finding your perfect end table for a living, dining, or bedroom? Or any design help at all? Our designers are here to help and ready to help you transform your space into a functional, comfortable, and stylish place to be! Give us a call or check out our website to get started.

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