15 Tips for Decorating Your Home on A Budget

So you have finally done it. You were able to buy your first home, woohoo pop the champagne! Now only one problem… You have to decorate it. You immediately think “I just spent all this money and now I need to spend even more to fill it and decorate it, sheesh!” Well we have come up with a list of things you can do to decorate your home and save yourself some money! Check out the list below to see some helpful tips!

  1. Paint an accent wall to help refresh any room!
  2. Rent your furniture or décor with Domain!
  3. Go thrift shopping or search stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshalls for extra deals.
  4. DIY simple décor that doesn’t take up too much of your time… Hello Pinterest!
  5. Add plants inside and out! Plus try hanging them from the ceiling with some stylish rope for an added décor piece.
  6. Update kitchen cabinets or bathroom fixtures that fit your style.
  7. Add pillow covers to refresh your accent pillows or if you found older ones at the thrift store!
  8. Repurpose that bottle of champagne from earlier by using it as a vase!
  9. Search Facebook marketplace or other selling apps to help find inexpensive items.
  10. Add candles and DIY a few candle holders to add another touch of style.
  11. Repaint old furniture to make it feel brand new!
  12. Inventory what you already have to see if there are items you can use in a new way…like a mirror as a tray or plates as wall décor!
  13. Create your own prints or purchase online and print at home to hang in a frame. You can find cheap frames at the places mentioned above!
  14. Check for garage sales near you!
  15. Hang family photos with lights and small clothespins for a fun touch!

There are a ton of other tips out there to help you decorate your home without costing you a fortune! We personally think tip number two is one of the most helpful, but we could be biased. Let us know if you use any of these tips to help your home feel like you! Check out our website for more information  on our furniture and décor rental process and how simple it can be for you! www.domainrf.com

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