Common Dos & Don’ts for Decorating Your Rental Home

Living in a rented space doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like your personal style. We’ve all been there; we’ve all made mistakes we look back on later and think what the heck were we doing?! Do not let these rental home decorating DON’TS be one of them! We’ve compiled a list of a few dos and don’ts to help you navigate through decorating your rental space and making it fit you.


Get furniture once you are in your space and can see what will fit and what won’t. You don’t want to purchase furniture before you get into your space and quickly realize it doesn’t all fit! Plus Domain can make it even easier by renting your furniture from us for the same length of time as your lease so your next move is hassle free! We even move everything in and out for you!


Overlook your window treatments! Curtains can update a plain boring room with the right colors or pattern you like. They can also easily be removed when you leave!


Make sure you can paint or make holes in the walls before you begin decorating. You don’t want to lose your security deposit because you didn’t ask something simple! Luckily we have the solution if you aren’t allowed to paint… removable wallpaper or peel and stick vinyl! It can majorly transform any room and can be removed before you move out.


Feel like you have to stick to just pictures or posters taped on the wall as your only wall décor options if you can’t drill any holes. There are so many self-adhesive options out there for hanging frames, canvases, hooks, shelving, etc. Look into other options before just settling on a poster from your college dorm room that you got for free.


Get rid of things you’ve thinking about getting rid of but haven’t yet. You want your space to feel like you, not a cluttered mess of stuff. Go through all your items and section off what you could sell, give away, or trash and it will give you more space for YOU and who you are growing into. We hope a few of these DOS and DON’TS will help you with your rented space. Keep in mind that we at Domain can assist with some of these tips with our rental furniture and décor items! We can help fill your rented space from the time you are there to the time you leave! Contact us through our website to get your rented space fully furnished with Domain.

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