5 Money Saving Options for Furnishing Your Airbnb

You’ve decided to purchase a place or have extra space you have converted to rent out for an Airbnb space and need to furnish it. You need something durable, but also easy to clean since you will have visitors coming and going. You’ll also want to make sure the style is updated but can be fitting for a variety of peoples tastes. Uniquely styled places are amazing but can discourage those just looking for a place to sleep when visiting a new city! All of this sounds like it could get awfully expensive, but we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! There are multiple options for finding great furniture without costing you a ton and still provide a great experience for each guest.

  1. Rent Furniture! This is an obvious one for us since we have exactly that, but it is truly one of the easiest and most affordable long-term option. It allows you to switch up the furniture when needed, its easy to clean since that is what we do between each rental client, and it can handle a large amount of uses.
  2. Facebook Marketplace! There are so many great furniture pieces being sold on Facebook Marketplace. Plus, you can control it so it focuses on people selling in your area so it makes picking up the furniture super easy!
  3. Garage Sales! Hit up your neighborhoods nearby to find some amazing options that people are selling for cheap. If you love DIY projects or want to put your own touch on things, garage sales are the perfect place to find great pieces you can update to your liking!
  4. IKEA! Ikea is super inexpensive for rugs, décor, and so many other great items to fill your Airbnb!
  5. Estate Sales! Search for estate sales near you! You can get some great furniture, especially big pieces for cheap! Plus, it allows you to find some unique pieces to spice up your space!

There are a ton of great options to find inexpensive furniture to furnish your Airbnb it just may take time to find everything you want! Let us make it easier by renting all the furniture you need with us! Contact us on our website to get your Airbnb fully furnished!

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