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Lighting is something that can be customized to your specific needs and style, but there should definitely be some practicality behind choosing your pieces! Here’s a quick room-by-room guide on which types of lighting fixtures work best for each of the rooms in your house. 

For living rooms and family rooms, you want to choose lighting that brings out some ambient lighting. These types of spaces are made for people to gather for long periods of time together, watch TV, or play board games. Ambient lighting can include anything that produces light that bounces off the ceiling and brings a sense of brightness in the room without shadows. Table lamps and adjustable lamps are great choices!

The kitchen is a room that requires time and consideration while choosing lighting for. This area is where people gather, where you’re cooking for long periods of time, and even eating. Something important to consider is some type of lighting right above the sink. A centered, ceiling-mounted lighting piece is also a great choice to create a statement and really bring good lighting to the room. Additionally, dimmed lighting underneath cabinets is great for extra lighting while cooking. 

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to perfect your lighting, because it’s where there is an emphasis on personal grooming and looking at oneself in the mirror. A great suggestion would be to put lighting on each side of the mirror. Another option would be to place a ceiling-mounted fixture above the mirror. 

Lastly, outdoor lighting is tricky; don’t make the mistake of using too much light. Brighter is not always better! There should only be three points of lighting — something close to the house, something in the middle of the yard, and something in the far corner.  If you’re looking for more ideas of finding lighting that works for you, let Domain give you a hand! We’re happy to help you incorporate your favorite styles and pieces into your living space.

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