Wallpaper Inspiration & Trends for 2021

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years! We are jumping on the wallpaper bandwagon once again. These patterns and textures that have become popular are a wonderful addition to a home and can even be used to help create décor. Let’s dive into these trends and what inspires us!

Instead of just adding a pop of color with paint on one wall make an even bigger statement with wallpaper. Accent walls are amazing at adding depth and color to a room, but wallpaper used on an accent wall can take a room to the next level. Bring nature in with classic florals and botanical patterns to add to a dining room. Another great statement wallpaper trending are murals, perfect for a bedroom especially one that your child will love for years to come!

Another great wallpaper trend we love is repurposing it on canvas or putting it in frames and using as décor. This is a great option for those that don’t want to fully commit to adding wallpaper, but still like the idea of it. Since panels are also a trend coming back, we think a great option to incorporate both together would be to get large panel looking frames or wall hangings to put the wallpaper on and give you a faux paneling look!

Adding wallpaper to smaller spaces like a guest bathroom or closet allow for bolder, abstract patterns in an area you were unsure what to do with. Another reason wallpaper has become popular are the tile, brick, marble patterns that can save renovators a lot of money. It allows you to have the tile look you wanted at a cheaper price and we all love a good money saver! Am I right?

As stated, above wallpaper is significantly more affordable and allows for such a larger variety of styles, textures, patterns, or colors. Keep your home improvement costs lower by adding wallpaper! Plus, it is extremely durable, will last you a long time, and is easy to clean. We hope this has given you a better insight into the wonderful world of wallpaper that has so graciously come back into our lives. We want your home to be the best it can be for you and updating it is a great way to do that. While you are doing these updates think about updating your furniture to match your new interior! We have great furniture pieces that can help you save time and money with our easy move in process. www.domainrf.com for more information.

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