How to Create Your Own Minimalist Style

When you think of the word “Minimalist” what comes to mind?

Less is More? Tiny houses? Downsizing?

The thought of owning a minimal number of things, so you can enjoy your life with more passion and joy sounds great- in theory.

Does this mean you need to start downsizing and getting rid of those old 90’s clothes in the back of your closet? In short- no (but yes, time for a wardrobe revamp if you still have those). You can still live a minimalist lifestyle without having a tiny house and five pieces of furniture. Being a minimalist is living with the items only necessary to your daily life. In theory, it makes sense- the less time you spend cleaning said items, the more time you have to live and watch Netflix. Let’s talk about how you can create your own minimalist style:

1) Set your own guidelines

What does minimalism mean to you? What will help your feel free of clutter and other unnecessary objects? Also look at your current living space, do you want a smaller space? Do you need to get rid of a stack of papers sitting on your desk?

2) Declutter and start fresh

Yes, we are talking about your “junk drawer,” most houses have them – even yours. When looking to live minima,l most of the items in the drawer are not necessary and are wasted space.

3) Choose quality over quantity

Look at each piece carefully before bringing it into your home. Will this solve my problem? Does it have a clean look? Purchase “trendy” items on an absolutely need basis.  It is worth it to spend your money on pieces that will last, rather than be in style for a year or two?

4) Use it or lose it rule

Holding on to those shorts that are a little too tight? Now is the time to purge. Getting rid of items, you have cluttering up your house, closet, garage, living room, and all of the other places you can stash stuff in your home, will make you feel like a new person. Like a weight is lifted off your shoulders.

5) Invest in stylish storage

Attractive storage helps with the appearance of simplicity and cleanliness. Having pieces with clean lines and simple colors and design allow for an overall clean and calming look. Being a minimalist does not have to be ugly. Find pieces that make you happy on the inside.

6) Make style and functionality a priority

Think multi-purpose. Utilizing your space to the max. Invest in pieces that fold up, tables, chairs. Is there a space that you can turn into a bench and storage? A bed that folds into a couch, and other pieces that can be stored when not being used.

7) Start with a neutral base and add natural elements

This is a loaded one but has more to do with style and less organizations. Sticking with bright and neutral color pallets is a large part of having a minimalist look. Adding a balance of white space with sleek, clean lines along with natural materials, help to brighten up your space. Adding a plant to a table or next to an entry way bench, use neutral colored baskets, and place white picture frames.

8) One in one out rule

It’s as simple as it sounds. Bring something into the house, take something out. Keeping a balance in and clutter out.

9) Keep it simple

Less is more. Keeping your décor simple and clean with the right pieces helps to keep you living your best life. Not having to constantly clean and organize your space will free a lot of your time. Creating a minimalistic space can be warm, rich, and beautiful.

Need some inspiration and want to experiment with a minimalistic look? Domain Rental Furniture can help! Why take the chance and buy when you can rent and experiment? Contact us now at 410-412-7229 and [email protected].

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