Kitchen Counter Décor

Decorating the kitchen countertops can be a great way to bring your whole kitchen together. It can be a difficult and challenging task, but the end result can make a big difference. Whether it’s adding a tray, a coffee station, or some flowers it can be a great way to add some décor to your kitchen countertops. Simple décor additions can bring the whole room together and make a huge difference!

Sink Area

Soap is always sitting nearby the sink area but adding something a little extra can make a big difference. Adding a circle or rectangular tray next to your sink to keep the soap, some lotion or a sponge on can keep the area organized but bring the sink area together!


Whether you’re a great cook or just better at heating things up, cookbooks can be another great décor piece to add to your kitchen. By displaying cookbooks on your kitchen countertops, it can bring a pop of color to the room. Even by adding a stylish storage box to keep any recipes you have can add to the look you want to give for your kitchen.


Displaying your kitchen utensils in a trendy canister that matches the color scheme of your kitchen is another great way to add some more décor to the kitchen. This can also pair well with the backsplash of your kitchen to pull out a smaller color or pattern.

Coffee & Tea Station

Whether you are a coffee lover or the other people in your household are, adding a coffee and tea station is a great way to bring a dual area together. Whether if it’s adding a mug tree to display your mugs, a tray of all your coffee and tea add-ons, or a cute canister for your coffee or tea. This space can be a helpful addition to saving you time in the morning by keeping things organized while also in style.

Style and organization are the perfect combo for a kitchen, and we hope these tips have helped you get some great ideas of pieces to add to your kitchen. Need more help finding those pieces? Check out for more information about rental furnishings and home décor!

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