3 Ways to Create the Perfect Nautical Themed Living Room

For as long as we’ve been traveling, nautical home decor has been very popular in beach homes by the ocean and many vacation homes. You’ll find this theme in many rental homes and Airbnb’s as well. We’ve never questioned why this theme is so popular among vacation homes, but why not enjoy this luxury style without having to live by the ocean. Instead of migrating closer to the ocean these summer months we have ideas to bring the ocean to you. Here are four easy ways to spice up your living space this summer.

1. Blue, blue and more blue.

If that isn’t obvious enough! Incorporate blue accent decor into your living area. We suggest living room chairs, couches, or rugs as the perfect pieces to start off with when looking for blue accent items. If you want to start somewhat smaller you can try a simple vase or kitchen table centerpiece as well.

2. Wall Decor

Think of your favorite vacation spot. Now when looking in stores look for exactly what you imagined. If you are more on the artistic side, you can look for an oil painting. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something more traditional, anchors, steering wheels and seashells will do the job!

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are the perfect accessory for any living room. A circular mirror can create the feeling of actually being on a boat. If you are into DIY, try adding rope to the outer edge of the circular mirror to tie the whole look together (see what we did there). Also try looking for rustic or wooden mirrors to match with the rest of your nautical aesthetic.

These are just a few of the great ways to bring your home closer to the ocean and nautical vibes without moving! Domain has some great options for furniture and décor that can add to your new nautical theme. Contact us at www.domainrf.com for more information!

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