How to Decorate A Bookcase or Shelf

You’ve finally gotten around to putting up the shelves you bought a few months ago, but now you need to actually use them and decorate them. We have a few tips for decorating your bare shelves or bookcases to give you some inspiration.

  • Keep your colors or tones to just one for vases, figurines, and other shapes. Mixing too many colors, patterns or themes can make your bookcase unbalanced looking.
  • Use objects that have a special meaning or bring back memories. Photos, souvenirs from a trip are great additions to any shelving.
  • Stack books or use large candle holders to display small objects and help lift the eye.
  • If you have many books to display alternate stacking them horizontal and vertical. Also, you should organize them by color, title, or author depending on what fits you best!
  • Keep the objects you use frequently on the lower or middle shelves since those are the most accessible and easiest to get to when needed.
  • Bookends can really add to a bookshelf while still be extremely useful so take time to find one or two that correspond with your ideas. Remember they don’t have to be considered a bookend to work as one; other heavy and durable objects can help do that same job while still flowing with your décor.
  • Storage containers have become immensely popular and there are so many color, pattern, and texture options. These are a great addition since they conceal all your homes daily clutter.

We want your home to feel like you and we hope these tips have helped inspire your shelving and bookcases! If you are looking to find some great pieces to fill your shelves and want to switch up what you have Domain has some awesome additions to your space. We have a large variety of décor pieces depending on what you needed. Let us know what style you are going for and we would be happy to help find pieces to correspond with it. Contact us on our website for more information!

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