Color Trends of 2021

This last year has made us all feel on edge and uneasy in our daily lives, but 2021 is the perfect time to bring back that security and comfort in your home. We have all spent a ton of time in our homes and we want to help you give your very lived-in space a facelift! Some of the top interior designers and industry-leading experts have come up with what they expect to be the top color trends of 2021!

Warm, Modern Neutrals

These shades are meant to be inviting and peaceful giving you a better sense of wellness and relaxation. The outdoors has been a consistent activity for all of us over the last year and as we continue to spend more time outdoors, we want you to be able to bring some of the outdoors back inside with you. Check out some of these shades from top paint companies Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore for inspiration.

Dark Rich Shades

Deep, dark hues make a statement and help show expression. Rich, dark shades create more depth and work well with a variety of shades. They can declutter the mind and accentuate the other pieces of a room like wood or metal. Sherwin Williams color of the year, Urban Bronze is a great shade to add to your home. Behr also has a few great deep shade options; along with Benjamin Moore’s shade, Amazon Soil.

Calming, Earthy Greens and Blues

These blues and greens are meant to provide comfort and create a calming effect. These shades are to help you feel restored and let you escape even when travel is limited. Mental health has been put to the test now more than ever before and we think adding these blue or green shades to your home will help improve your mood and sense of security within yourself. Behr has some great colors to inspire you!

Bold and Jewel Tones

Bright yellows, bold magentas, and brilliant turquoises will provide an exciting update to any home. These shades can give energy, personality, and bring some life back into your home. Lift your mood with a few of these amazing jewel-toned shades by Behr and Sherwin Williams!

We hope these color trends help you feel more like yourself! Check out our Pinterest page for more color inspiration and find a few patterns to correspond with the colors! Once your paint colors are chosen and added to your home, continue your home’s facelift with some new furniture! We at Domain can help you find new furniture pieces to fit your style and your new interior colors! Contact us on our website to get started!

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