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Moving into a new bedroom or setting up a new bedroom is always exciting. Whether you’ve got your furniture picked out or not, you’re likely to want to get started right away and move all that good stuff in, right? Before you get right into it, it may be smart to think about how you want to arrange your furniture to make the most of your space, especially if it’s a small one! Here’s a quick guide to figuring out the best way to pick out and arrange new bedroom furniture. 

The first step is maintaining a mindset that you need to keep the layout simple. This might mean placing the bed in the center of the main wall, avoiding angling your furniture, and keeping furniture against the walls. Placing your bed at the center of the main wall allows for space on either side of the bed — this is great for room flow and gives you more space to make your bed.

Another quick tip in terms of designing a bedroom is to not be afraid to use dark colors and tones. Some people prefer whites and neutral colors for bedrooms, especially when they’re small, but using a mixture of light and dark tones adds a nice dimension to your space. Even think about painting one of the walls a dark color — play into the size and mood of your room. Some great colors include charcoal greys and olive greens. 

Even though you shouldn’t shy away from using dark colors, you don’t want the room to actually be dark. Bring the light in! You want to include as many light sources as possible — escaping claustrophobic and dark feelings. This may include a small decorative chandelier or other overhead lighting piece, a bedside table or floor lamp, natural light, and small reading lamps. 

Adding to the idea of not being afraid to use dark colors, bringing in bright pops of colors is just as important! Like mentioned before, some people choose to go as neutral, white, and minimalistic as they can, but adding colors YOU enjoy that add personality to a room is even better. Some enjoy cooler colors, like blues and greens, and some like to stick to warmer tones. It’s up to you! Use your favorite colors in throw pillows, rugs, decorative pieces, and more! Keep it simple though, you want to avoid clutter. 

If your space is small, get into the habit of creating the illusion of space. This includes adding drapery as close to the ceiling as possible, and not straying away from tall furniture. Doing so brings the eye up to the ceiling and creates the feeling of extra space.  If you need more ideas on how to arrange a new bedroom and adding the right furniture to fit your new space, give Domain a call! We are here and happy to help with any of your design needs. Feeling cozy, happy, and comfortable in your own space is important, so let’s work together to perfect your experience!

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