3 Tips for Styling Throw Pillows

Who knew as adults we would care so much about throw pillows? It’s too late we’ve already turned into our parents, but now we need to make sure we’re setting them up in a stylish up to date fashion! Let’s get your Domain Rental furniture looking great! Here are some tips for getting the right pillows added to your

Determine the right size for your furniture

               Finding the right size pillows for your couch is very important for your

Decide how many will fit without being too many

               Odd numbers for visual balance and

Mix patterns and textures

               Adding different textures or patterns to your pillows add dimension and depth to how your furniture will look! However, you should stick to a cohesive color palette for your space so it all flows properly. You also don’t need to stick to the same pattern or texture throughout your necessary pillows. Feel free to mix organic patterns that balance together.

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