How to Stage Your Home for Selling

Selling your home can be a hassle! First finding the right realtor to get you what you want and then having to make sure it looks good enough to sell for the right price, it’s a lot! Professional stagers can be very costly, so we’ve got some great tips for you to make it easier to do it yourself!

The first step is the outside of the home and your homes curb appeal! Make sure you grass is cut, bushes are trimmed, and leaves or debris are picked up. Add a simple flag or welcome sign to the front porch to make it more inviting, but not too personal.

Next step is to deep clean EVERYTHING, yes everything! Even the tiny spots you think nobody can see! Make sure you include that junk drawer, deep clean the carpets, and shine the hardwood floors. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the windowpanes. People looking to find their forever home will be checking these small details, we promise!

Leading to….. update and clean any curtains or blinds! Most buyers are looking to find as much natural light in the home as possible; dark, thick curtains that keep the natural light out will keep them from wanting to commit. Adding sheer curtains or clean-cut open blinds to accentuate the natural light may be the make or break for the buyers.

The next step is easy to forget! Depersonalizing the home is important! It is understood that you made great memories in your home, but new buyers are looking to make their own memories and don’t want to be bombarded with someone else’s. Adding a few décor pieces, you personally picked out is a great option if you feel like you must personalize it. However, family photos kids toys, dog toys, or décor with your name on it is not ideal for staging the home to sell.

One of the final steps for staging is finding the right furniture and accent pieces to help enhance your homes appeal! Don’t want to spend a ton of money on furniture? Don’t! Renting is made super easy in today’s world. Renting is the new buying! Being able to switch furniture pieces on a whim because you feel like it is a lot easier than buying a set then finding a way to get rid of it when your style changes. Especially when getting your house ready to be someone else’s house. Move your stuff out and rent furniture to give your house the look it needs to sell.

*Bonus tip, you don’t need to fill every room in the house completely. You want to decorate the main rooms, and then add just a few pieces to the other rooms to make the buyers understand the potential of those rooms. *

Back to décor! Discover your target market to help you better understand what style of furniture and décor will best fit with the buyers in your market. For example, if you are selling to young families, you’ll want something more modern and practical. If you are selling to an older crowd, you’ll want a more traditional vibe.

Sitting there scratching your head? Give us a call! Domain has everything from small shelving accents to large wall décor to furniture to fit any room! The best part of using rental furniture and décor from Domain is that we will bring all of it to where you need it, and we’ll take it all out when you are done! Talk about a time saver, right?

Contact us on our website to see how we can help you with your home staging or call us at 410-412-7229 for more information!

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