Dining Room Table Trends

Changing or updating your dining room furniture isn’t typically something that you do frequently. It’s a large purchase and is done that will hold the memories for your family. From Christmas dinner to your Thanksgiving feast, craft nights to game nights with friends, your dining room table is an important piece of furniture that you will have for years to come.

Let’s first go over what is on trend for 2021 dining room sets to help you make your right decision when updating yours.

Round Tables: They are versatile in style, height, and size. Round tables can be made to fit your farmhouse style or your contemporary style depending on the design of the table. Round tables are a great addition to a smaller dining space or kitchen. Since round tables are so versatile, we suspect this trend will be around for a long time.

Benches: We have been seeing over the last few years that the classic dining room chair is getting replaced with benches or stools. It allows for more guests to gather at one table and stools make it easy to add in extra seats without taking up extra space. Benches also provide easy seating for children since the height is usually easy for them to get into.

Less formal/traditional: 2020 has made the dining room a more multi-use room with creating makeshift offices, school desks, and just overall created a less formal atmosphere. Your furniture should adapt with you and your new normal, by creating a comfortable and relaxed dining space for your family.

Storage and table: Following along with the less formal space and mentioning again about the new dining room uses, having a table with storage allows for all the work to easily get put away for meals. We know how cramped and cluttered the dining room table can get, save yourself some trouble by finding table with ample storage.

Renting furniture to try the space and the feel is a great way to start this updating journey. You won’t be spending an arm and a leg to try out new styles and ideas before you buy your forever piece. Whatever you decide for your updated dining room set Domain is here to help.  Contact us on our website for more information on cost and ordering your perfect dining room furniture!


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